We’ve compiled a list of resources that we recommend and use ourselves.

  • Sticks and Stones Wilderness School is an Ontario-based wilderness school, offering a wide variety of outdoors programs covering topics including but not limited to hide tanning, hand-making an archery bow, cordage, paddle-making, ancient hunting skills, flint knapping, and more.  Really wonderful people.
  • Herb Fairies is a great way to teach kids about plants and herbal medicine, plus the book series is a really positive children’s series.  We use Herb Fairies with our own children and mentoring clients and have found that the kids really enjoy the books. There’s an audio version and a print version of the books, and there are also colouring pages and recipes available for the plants mentioned in the books.
  • The 8 Shields organization focuses on nature connection and mentoring adults & children.  They have a number of programs in the USA, as well as a fantastic book about mentoring and other products and resources to assist in you becoming more connected with the natural world and/or assist you in becoming a better mentor.  There is also a naturalist training course that is superb for helping you connect and get to know the natural world (we own a copy of that, too!)
  • Dr. Joe Rubino’s Centre for Personal Reinvention website offers a lot of resources on self esteem and other products that are designed to facilitate personal growth.  We’ve purchased his Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children Program and found the information he offers is extremely useful for optimizing one’s approach to working with children.
  • Hemi-Sync offers audio tracks that help to synchronize the left and right hemispheres of your brain.  There are numerous benefits to synchronizing your brain hemispheres.  Check out the website for more information.  We use Hemi-Sync to help kids sleep (there are kids stories versions of Hemi-Sync available, so children listen to an audio book with the Hemi-Sync sounds in the background).
  • Sonia Ricotti has a number of resources and offers a variety of different webinars aimed at helping you remove blocks from your life and achieve your dreams.  We’ve attended a number of her webinars and found them rather useful.  She does utilize affiliate marketing, so be forewarned that a portion of emails sent out will be marketing other products.
  • Steve G. Jones’ Hypnosis tracks.  We have purchased dozens of tracks from this website. There are daytime hypnosis tracks, mp3 files that you can listen to while you’re working on other projects, and audio tracks that are designed to be listened to as you’re falling asleep.  There’s an immense breadth of topics covered.  Worth checking out if you are looking for hypnosis tracks on particular subjects.